D300's noises can be reduced more

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Komin, what ZZivotic said about Custom Curves! ...

With Nikon ViewNX, you can create as many Picture Controls as you want, and each of them can have its own custom curve if you want it to!

Not only that, but you can create Monochrome picture controls that can have 5 filter effects (Off, Yellow, Orange, Green, Red) and up to 10 Toning Effects (B&W, Sepia, Red Purple, Purple Blue, etc)

You can store up to 99 picture controls per memory card, and have up to 9 of them loaded into camera at any one time.

Here's one example.

In Nikon View NX, I chose the predefined Monochrome picture control, and created a new one which has Red as toning and Filter Effects Off plus I modified the tone curve:

I then loaded the picture control into the D300, and shot the Nikon D300 manual:

Here's the standard Monochrome for comparison:

There's so much more flexibility now with picture controls compared to the old way of doing it!

Hope this helps.
Regards, David Chin


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