K20D JPEG compression

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The answers, as best as I can.

I don't think I'm breaking any confidences here (I hope!). The K20D, highest quality, out of camera JPEG's are roughly between 7 and 9MB in size, dependent upon image detail content.

From an original ISO 800 Raw + JPEG shot, a "highest quality" JPEG conversion of the Raw file was 7.61MB, the in camera JPEG was 8.38MB, I suspect that the larger file size was due to a higher sharpness setting of the in camera JPEG.

IMO the JPEG quality rivals the Raw quality from a good converter. It obviously doesn't have the advantages of the Raw file from a post processing perspective.

There will be more "in camera" settings than the K10D curently provides.

Pentax have NOT stopped firmware development for the K10D, they are busy with fine tuning the K20D firmware. When the first official firmware for the K20D (and also the K200D) is ready, I've been reliably told that any improvements, if feasible, will be implemented in a future K10D firmware update.

I suspect that it may well be a final version (bar any bugs that may arise). I have no doubts that Pentax will continue to be supportive of the K10D as far as is feasible.
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