D300's noises can be reduced more

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Komin, there are custom curves on D300

komin wrote:

I think the default tone of D300 is vivid and better than D70 and
D200, and the Active D-lighting is excellent too. So D300 does not
need custom curves anymore. In addition, there is no menu item for
custom curve in the D300.

Yes, there is way to load custom curve, and more then one!

This whole issue of lot of people complaining about ‘overexposure’ is mainly because Nikon by default loaded custom curve with very high midtones and, while this leads to more pleasing midtones and shadows, on some images this gives overall impression of overexposed shot.

Try this - in ViewNX select tab ‘Camera settings’ and at the bottom expand ‘Quick Adjustment’ and then Launch Utility. Now you have Picture Control editor - select ‘Neutral (predefined) ‘ and than, on the right side check radio button ‘Use custom curve’ - now predefined curve is disabled and you can create your own. You can save this as your new picture control, apply it in CapureNx or load in to your D300 to be used while shooting raw or jpg.

Btw, try Neutral with almost linear custom curve - you will get images that are very close to d200 look (some will say now underexposed ;). D300 has excelled matrix metering, better than previous cameras. It’s just that Nikon decided that it will be good move to give strait from the camera images that are brighter, higher contrast and saturation and requires no post processing. But it is still impossible to find custom curve and settings that will be right in 100% of situations. However, it looks that they got it very close, pleasing most of the D300 users most of the time

Best, zz

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