D300 with SB-400

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Re: D300 with SB-400

Yes of course, if you have the camera in CW metering, the flash will also meter CW on a normal shot, but still do spot metering with FV lock. I only used matrix as an example, and a good one too since matrix metered balanced fill flash is very nice. You are also right that normally, the camera doesn't do any flash metering until the shot is taken, at which point the preflashes are used to quickly meter and set the real flash output level.

Since I imagine what a lot of people are trying to do (myself included) is meter the flash well before the shot is taken, so that no blinking/lag happens. You can do this using an SB-600/800 in remote mode and the built-in flash on commander (with itself set to --) which according to the manual will make FV lock use full frame metering (hopefully that means matrix, although I guess it could mean CW as well)

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