Cancelling my D3 order? Anyone else?

Started Dec 8, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Cancelling my D3 order? Anyone else?

I'm seriously considering cancelling my D3 order.

The reason is that I am getting more more evidence that the IQ might not be what I wanted, especially in terms of sharpness.

It's quite clear to me that low ISO sharpness IS NOT on par with the 5D (in fact it is absolutely identical to the D300 despite the bigger sensor and potentially better use of higher space frequencies). The brave efforts put up by some members here to boost the D3 resolution thru super-sharpening tricks just don't make the cut (pun intended)

High ISO is certainly excellent, but I don't need it so much plus it does not seem to be significantly better than the 1DMkIII up to 6400 ISO or the D300 itself up to 3200 ISO.

All in all what I'm reading here and in other forums is really underwhelming compared to the hypo we were pushed to expect.

It's a big chunk of money and I'm not sure I want to part with it if all I get is a marginal improvement over a D300.

I will probably wait for a D3x or a D300FX if they ever come out. (BTW can you imagine the horrid depreciation of a D3 if either camera mentioned above really comes out?)
I would appreciate your comments.

I know this kind of reaction was expected but I believe there are some hard facts to support it this time.

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