Nikon D40 owners - show us your pictures

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Re: Nikon D40 ultra low light shot

CubsFanDiana wrote:

Would the D40 and D40x owners please share some of your pictures
taken with this camera?

Here is on taken with my D40: A 16 x 11 degree starfield. Comet P17/Holmes on the right and the doulble cluster in Perseus in the upper left, photographed a week ago from my backyard.

Single 30 second exposure at iso1600, NR off, with a Nikkor Q 85 mm f/1.8 used at full aperture, all in-camera contrast and sharpness settings = normal. Auto white balance. Camera mounted piggyback to a LosMandy GM100 equatorial mount. Saved as high quality jpg, contrast enhanced in IRIS 5.51. The orginal 2000 x 3000 pixel image was resampled to fit on the web page.

The Nikkor Q f/1.8 is from my collection of up to 30 year old Nikon lenses. If you look carefully at the edges of the image, you will see that the lens has a little coma, but not too bad.

There are red, yellow and blue stars, which match the colors in the sky charts. The faintest stars in the picture are mv=+11. The blue halo around the brightest blue stars is an artifact of the colorbalance and some residual chromatic correction error.


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