D40/D40x Successor features?

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Re: D40/D40x Successor features?

I have both. And thoroughly enjoy them. But the idea of the D45/D45x is a worthwhile notion for speculation.

1. Flash enabled to command SB-800 and/or SB-600 units. Geez, Nikon, didn't it occur to you that every camera that can command these units can potentially SELL these units? It's only smart to have EVERY Nikon work with the amazingly talented SB-800/600s. Coolpixes included.

2. A tad smarter focus point system. It's not like newcomers are going to balk at the D70's five point viewfinder setup.

3. Low ISO. How about 50?

4. Dust shake sensor. Now that Nikon has it; make it universal.

5. Live View. Not that hard to implement, I'll wager.

6. Setup files. At least A/B so you can have two separate cameras in your camera. One for fast work, the other for deliberate work is a common desire. Meaning all your settings for one don't need to be re-entered for the other. The D200/300 has A/B/C/D setups.

7. HD output. This is coming to ALL cameras, naturally. HDMI out just lets you view your shots on a modern digital TV.

These kinds of things are relatively easy to design into next-gen cameras. All are proven; all are in service of even beginners, these days.


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