Advise: set "high ISO NR" to "low"

Started Nov 30, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: An update to my method ...

David Chin wrote:

I now set high ISO NR to OFF - the difference in detail and sharpness
between OFF and LOW is too much to ignore.

I then bring the photo over to Adobe Lightroom and only run Chroma NR
of 10 (or more, to taste).

This works very well for ISO 3200 prints on 4 x 6 HP Premium Plus
inkjet photo paper, even for headshots (lit only by daylight
fluorescent lighting) - there's hardly any discernible noise - I'd
say none at all.

Coincidence...I did the exact same thing last night. Took some RAW ISO1600 and 3200 shots and ran them through Lightroom. Found that the color noise reduction default of 25 is higher than is required by the very monochromatic noise produced by this camera. Printed some 5x7's and 8x10's. IMO ISO3200 is useable for 8x10 prints, depending on the subject, of course.

(FYI - I was also printing on HP Premium Plus paper.)


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