When does the D90 come out? Jan-Feb?

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Re: When does the D90 come out? Jan-Feb?

Well I'm saving for a possible D90 next year, perhaps announced in CES (Las Vegas). I think Nikon could do well by going after the Canon 40D, and undercutting it in price. I'd rather not see a jump in Megapixels but I realize that a bump to 12mp will speak to many consumers. In any case, for it to be a good 40D killer I'd love to see it have a 14 bit A/D converter, 14-bit RAW, Dust-Reduction, Better Sensor (although not necessarily CMOS), sharper metering (borrow from the D300 - 1005-pixel), Liveview. I'd love more but then we'd be cannibalizing sales for the D200 in a big way.

If Nikon can pull that off with a $999 or less body only tag I would definitely jump at it. Release it with an 18-70mm AF-S VR...?

Oh, "to sleep, perchance to dream..."


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