My D300 Story

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My D300 Story

Hi all,

I do sports photography. Full time for the last 3 years. Maybe half in good light (soccer, baseball, softball, football, water polo, paddling, kayaking, etc) and the other half in pretty lousy high school gym light (basketball, volleyball, wrestling, judo, etc). I had no intention of buying another camera body as I've been happy with my D200.

After reading about the D300 I started thinking about all the indoor sports I do and how much it would help if I could go to ISO 3200 without the noise destroying the photo.

In my home gym (light is fair to poor) my D200 settings were F1.8 (Nikkor) 85 1.8), ISO 1600 and 1/200. I could get some good photos, better than anyone else could do. My most recent basketball gallery with the D200 is at:

I was dissatisfied with the focusing speed on the 85 1.8 and was looking for a replacement. I also found that I'd regularly delete about 25% of the photos for various reasons, mostly poor focus.

My D300 arrived 2 days ago. I spent about 1/2 day looking at the manual and taking some practice photos. I downloaded the D2X picture control settings and took a few photos with those. I decided to use D2X-I.

Last night I had 2 basketball games to cover. I felt comfortable enough with the D300 to try it out. I had the D200 with me in case I had problems. Well, the D300 felt like my main camera within 10 minutes. It was really easy to make the switch. The only problem I had was I kept hitting the wrong button for image playback since it's in a little different place now.

If you'd like to see that gallery it is at:

I only deleted about 5% of the photos. My settings were F2.2, 1/320 and ISO 3200. The focus was at least twice as fast as with the D200. I used 9 point AF. It was just what I was looking for in a new lens. I didn't think the camera body could make that much difference, but it did.

I had very few focus problems. I'm totally impressed.

I did get the grip and an EN-EL4a. Unfortunately I just used it with the EN-EL3 because my charger and cap haven't arrived yet. But even with the EN-EL3 I could feel that the FPS was quicker.

Anyway, I think the D300 is one of those moves that will change my business, for the better.

If the weather clears I will be doing soccer today.

Have a good one, Al

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Al Linsky
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