Advise: set "high ISO NR" to "low"

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Re: Advise: set

SverreE wrote:

Will ACR/Lightroom give the simmilar results with high ISO like NX or
do you need to use a 3. party noisesoftware?

Anyone tested this? I use Lightroom and don't want to go back to
Capture for every high ISO picture...

I did some ISO1600 and 3200 tests last night, shooting in NEF. I converted the NEFs using Lightroom, with colour noise reduction set at the default of 25, and luminance NR to 0. Printed 8x10's and found that even ISO3200 was useable. My test subject were the spines of books on our bookshelf. Something more difficult, such as a head and shoulders portrait might've been a better test since hair is tough for resolving detail through the noise. And that'll be my next test.

But the ISO3200 8x10 print of the books was just fine using Lightroom.

BTW, it seems to me that colour NR of 15 or 20 would be just fine.

Personally, I think the high ISO looks good and doesn't detract from the image. There's still good detail in the shot. And the colour depth is held fairly well, too.


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