D300 noise and Capture NX

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Re: Disagree 100%

Which software? If you process in NX, or convert in ViewNX, the in-camera settings are used exactly as they are to create the JPG. At worst the result should the same, often it is a bit better.

All bets off with ACR, or other 3rd party, as they don't pay attention to the the in-camera settings or render as does Nikon.

TYROX wrote:

Well after several hours trying to get the same result from the RAW
file to produce the results of the jpg I must say I've failed. Tried
loads of different settings, sharpening, noise reduction etc... but I
still believe at high ISO you can't get the same image quality
processing a RAW file compared to a jpg straight out of the camera.

I would like to see some shots at ISO 3200 & 6400 were people have
taken a RAW + Fine and show the superior quality of the RAW file
against the jpg because at the moment I am not seeing it.

Best wishes
Sue @ http://www.suesbirdphotos.co.uk

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