a D300 matrix metering question

Started Dec 7, 2007 | Discussions thread
Petruska Veteran Member • Posts: 8,689
From a D80, D300 owner...

My D80 was very inconsistent with matrix metering. It was all over the place and constantly had blown highlights unless you spent a lot of time reviewing the histogram and that was a pain as the perfect shot timing was normally lost for a reshot attempt. I usually bracket + - 0.3EV on all my action shots and hope for the best.

My D300 is totally the opposite with matrix right on! Very consistent! I have shot over 1000 pictures in the last 2 weeks, majority with matrix metering and they all exposed to what I would say almost perfect. I probably had less than 20 that hit the right side of the historgram. Shots were made with high/low contrast scenes, with and without flash, and exposure was right on with matrix. I'm very impressed how it handles snow, the camera must know that 90% of the frame is white and exposes properly for snow. In other words, the snow is more towards white than grey with no need to pump up the EV to correct for proper snow exposure.

I just can't tell you in words how great my D300 matrix metering is compared to the D80! I sure wish that the D80 had this metering system as the difference in IQ, noise and AF performance between the D80 and D300 is not that great. I would return the D300 in a heartbeat if the D80 exposed consistently as the D300. The extra 0.5 pound of weight with the D300 is sure nocticeable.

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