Canon 5D – Long Exposure Noise Reduction

Started Dec 7, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon 5D – Long Exposure Noise Reduction

Mr EG wrote:

Hi Guys

I was just wondering how useful the long exposure noise reduction is
for night shots (star trail). I have an upcoming trip were and I was
wondering if I would be better off using a noise reduction filter as
part of the post processing in PS.

very useful.

it's essentially dark frame subtraction and assists in removing any amp glow and hot pixels.

for astrophotography, I still take my shots and then stack them with actual dark frames to get the best contrast out of the image, star trail photography - I'd still do the same thing .. take all your images with NR turned on, then put the lens cap on, and take the same amount of dark frames...get a program like deepskytracker (free) which can assemble all your dark frame raws into one tiff and then merge everything together in whatever program you like and subtract your assembled dark frame tiff from the actual shots.

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