Luminous Landscape Compares D3 & 1DsIII

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Re: Luminous Landscape Compares D3 & 1DsIII

If my rough measurements of the D3's sensor efficiency are accurate (I could make them accurate with proper raw files for analysis), and the 1Ds3 has the same level of sensor technology as the 1D3, then yes the D3 will collect about 10% more photons per unit area than the 1Ds3. But of course the Canon is at a disadvantage noise-wise if you look at the pixel level -- the pixels are 75% smaller in area. It compensates by having 75% more of them.

But unless you are going to crop all your 1Ds3 images to 12MP I don't see why one should compare the two cameras at 100%; better to resize them both to a common dimension not native to either (to be fair). Then the Nikon should have the 10% advantage in noise; and the Canon will have a 33% advantage in resolution. It depends on what you're looking for.

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