CIS for Canon Pro9000

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Re: CIS for Canon Pro9000

JrsRebel wrote:

Hey thanks for the reply. With the amount of printing I do yes it
does seem the way to go. Now I am thinking more along the lines of
how are the inks in comparison to OEM ink? Yes, I know I can look at
all kinds of testing and all of that. I want to know more about ppl's
experiences with them, that to me means more than lab tests.

I can tell you the dye inks I used in my Canon i9950 from were streets ahead as regards fading in sunlight compared to the original Canon ones (both on acid-free paper) and the CIS Kyson pigmented system is fine.

I have no chips on cartridges but from a colleague's experience with the PRO9000, it's no big deal - and ALL compatibles and CIS units have to have the chips transferred where chipped cartridges are used - they are not supplied with chips - you have to transfer them yourself in every case, whoever supplies the cartridges etc.

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