a D300 matrix metering question

Started Dec 7, 2007 | Discussions thread
Mjs Senior Member • Posts: 2,620
Re: a D300 matrix metering question

I agree 100%. I had gotten away from that and the increased brightness of the D300 matrix readings (at least in some situations) has me going back to this. I like the convenience of Matrix, but if it is a must shot then no other way but spot for me.

breivogel wrote:

I think people really need how to properly expose in manual mode with
spot metering or incident metering. The matrix is unpredictalbe
outdoors and does not give consistant results. I see many images that
are either over or under exposed. To make matter worse, those folks
who seem to like matrix don't be inclined to carefully check their
histograms (especially all color channels.

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