a D300 matrix metering question

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Re: a D300 matrix metering question

I don't know anything about how Nikon set up the matrix metering of the various cameras. However, to me too, the pictures of my D300 seems brighter than the pics from my D100. But on the histogram they are not blown up in the highlights. With pics from the D100 I often gave the tone curve a lift in the highlight area exactly to brighten up the often a little dull and dark pics. A lot of people complained for years about "underexposure" of their Nikon cameras (do a forum search on D100+underexposure and you'll get a zillion hits). Nikon seems to have listened. and have lifted the highlight part of the tone curve a bit in the D300. To me that means lesser need for postprocessing, and for many subjects the pics are fine out of the camrera. The RAW files still have an edge, but in fact the JPEGs are so good that I can see myself shooting JPEGs in many situations, where I would have used RAW only with the D100.

With the D300 you don't have to live with camera that is "underexposing" or "overexposing" (both are relative to personal preferencies). One of beautiful things about the D300 is, that almost everything can be tweaked to your liking. You can adjust the general exposure level in two ways. You can choose between 3 preset tone curve modes (and download 3 more "D2X" modes if you like). You can tweak the default tone curves in the camera and save them as your own curves. And you can tweak a photo in Capture NX and save the settings as a camera mode that can be transferred to the camera. The D300 has room for up to 99 modes, which should be sufficient for even the most demanding photographer.

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