D40 Best 'mini' SLR for low light? (vs D40x)

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D40 Best 'mini' SLR for low light? (vs D40x)


I'm sure this has been beat to death by now, but the search function is down for 'indexing'.

I'm looking for a smaller SLR that I can still use for low light situations (indoor parties sans flash), and occasionally for 'sports' photography when light weight is a factor (skiing, biking, etc).

My two prime considerations are (1) weight/size and (2) low light performance.

My candidates, in order of suitability:

1. D40
2. D40x (noisier at higher ISO than D40?)
3. Fuji S5 (better low light than D200 or D80, same size, but larger than D40).

I'm thinking the D40 is my best bet. I know it only works with non-mechanical lenses (shame on you Nikon) so I'd also be buying a Sigma 30mm f1.4 prime to use with it.

For perspective, I own a D3 (love it), Zeiss primes, Nikon Primes, and various Nikon zooms. I have owned D2xs (noisy), D200 (less noise than D2xs), D70, etc.

I currently have a Fuji F31fd for a 'low light pocket cam' as well as a Ricoh GX100 (travel pocket cam, love the manual controls) and a Leica D-Lux 3 (love the build quality, but am about to ebay it). I've had a Canon S50 (great camera in the day) and Ricoh GRD (miss it, but like the zoom on the GX100) in the past.

My favorite cameras to date have been the Nikon D3, Fuji F31fd, and Ricoh GRD. In essence, I'm trying to cram the best low light performance into the smallest package, which seems to be the D40 with a Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens.

Other than noise, the other consideration is low light focusing.

Thoughts? Would the D40x be a better or worse candidate?

Thanks in advance for any insight!

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