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Rebel XTi - good backup perhaps

I would not argue that the 10D is getting a bit old (though perhaps that is somewhat relative in that not too many years ago we all thought that was just fine for semi-pro work). Heck, I started with the original EOS D30 and still have many shots in my portfolio taken with that camera that are among my favorites. My first digital was a Coolpix 950 and I even have shots taken with that I still like.

I would also concur that it is a bit risky not having a backup camera when doing wedding work, (which I said I'd never do, but hey... here I am). I'm still at the beginning stage where a $1K wedding for me is a BIG job, so I doubt I'll be buying any full-frame bodies anytime soon. But the advantage / value of having a Rebel XTi as a backup (and who knows, at 10mp perhaps a better choice than the old 10D ?) is beginning to make sense.

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