D300 versus 20D continued analysis

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Re: What was the OP's intention?

Exactly! Misguided is the word for him. Even if a 8MP sensor exhibit less noise than a 12MP sensor what does it mean? It's like proving that a 12 year old kid can win a fight with an 8 year old kid. Big deal! It was a misguided comparison in the first place and advising people to consider their purchasing decision on the basis of this misguided comparison smacks of an ulterior motive.

knickerhawk wrote:

I'd prefer to think that his intentions were good but just misguided.
There's little doubt in my mind (based on the noise comparisons I saw
in the Canon forums) that if he'd applied the same comparison to the
40D vs the 20D, he'd also see poorer noise performance in the 40D.
That's because, like the D300, the 40D is less sensitive than the 20D
(it actually apears to be even less sensitive than the D300).
Likewise the 40D has more mps than the 20D but without scaling up the
20D image, you're not going to see that (albeit minor) advantage for
the 40D.

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