3-4 months for mkiii repairs...

Started Dec 6, 2007 | Discussions thread
Priaptor Senior Member • Posts: 2,022
Keep dreaming

Now you guys will finally believe my "complaining".

Funny how when I was "fanboy" you guys were defending those who said the sky was falling and now when I post realities based on simple and logical deductions, I am a "complainer".

Ain't no way no how that Canon is going to need "just" 4 months to fix all the affected bodies. Plan for much longer wait than that.

Time for you guys to come out of your cocoon and do the math. One USA center, with small numbers of minimally trained techs to do the job and close to 20,000 USA cameras to fix with a claimed turnaround time per camera of 7-10 days and the reality of the situation should be self-evident.

But I am just a complainer.

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