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Re: That's not what Cokin says....

from your other thread...

i had a similar quandary a few months back, in the end i bought cokin z-pro holder holder and hitech filters.

i'm using these on 17-40 and a tamron 28-75. i've adjusted the cokin holder into it's wide angle mode where it will only accept one filter at a time, but that's enough for me.

on my 17-40 with a hoya pro filter (thin one) attached the holder vignettes below 18.5mm if i need to go wider the filter needs to come off. on my tamron 28-75 it's the ring that vignettes not the holder, but i've got a standard thickness filter on that, below 35mm and the filter needs to come off.

the cokin holder is quite good, could be better, but it's relatively cheap.


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