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Re: D80 Overexposure

kuma37 wrote:

If the camera is metering 80% of the camera, then I do not have any
The problem is, D80 will extremely overexpose if the AF area is black,
even if more than 50% of the scene is white (bright).
We cannot tell if is extremely overexposed untill we see the result.

1. You complained even about Center-Weighted in your first post I specifically answered that compliant about CW based upon the content of your first post.

2. You now complain about Matrix Metering. Your two photos aptly illustrate my point about watching what is under your active focus sensor:

a) there is a wide dynamic range in these photos given strong sunlight and shadows which is a problem for any camera

b) I assume you used the centre focus point? The 2nd photo has the black of the uniform in bright light under the active focus sensor. The first one has the black of the uniform in deep shadow across the chest and left arm.

There is a difference of just over one stop in the EXIF from the two photos. The difference in light at the active focus point more than explains that. The two photos are not identical (I can see you have taken two others in between and the parade has moved on a few yards down the street changing the lighting a little).

I would have set the active focus sensor on the chin of the leading soldier and used MM for these shots

This kind of unstable exposure, I did not experinced on D50 or D200.

The D50 and D200 (in particular) are less sensitive to the light under the active focus sensor. The D80 also shoots with more contrast than the D50. The D80 is NOT unstable it is just different and you are refusing to acknowledge or use those differences to your advantage.

At least, Nikon should add new option to reflain from changing the
exposure so much while continous shooting.

What would be useful is two MM modes (1) giving priority to light under the active focus sensor (2) ignoring it and metering the whole scene. Olympus provide exactly those two options

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