D80 Overexposure

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Re: D80 Overexposure

You will get that with any camera and any meter. If say 80% of your scene is black > the camera will expose to turn that 18% grey and thus overexpose. Equally if 80% > is white the camera will underexpose to turn that 80% to 18% grey.

If the camera is metering 80% of the camera, then I do not have any complain.

The problem is, D80 will extremely overexpose if the AF area is black,
even if more than 50% of the scene is white (bright).
We cannot tell if is extremely overexposed untill we see the result.


In this example, black uniform occupices quite big area.
But, same thing happens even if the black area is much much smaller.

This kind of unstable exposure, I did not experinced on D50 or D200.

At least, Nikon should add new option to reflain from changing the
exposure so much while continous shooting.

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