D80 Overexposure

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Re: D80 Overexposure

Nikon has changed the algorithm of matrix metering from D80.
It became too too sensitive to the AF area.

Many people says one has to adjust the exposure based on the
brightness of the AF area. But if you are shooting dance with
continous mode, there is no chance to adjust exposure.

I usually shoot with center wighted, because matrix metering
is too sensitive to AF area.
Howver, even with the center weight mode, the metering is
still quite unstable, and I get extreme over exposure and underexposure
within a series of continous shooting, if the cloth of the dancer
has black and white part (this is usual case).

Remaiining solution is to use manual exposure.
Yes, this does work quite well, if the lighting of the scene is very
stable. But, in fact, I have to very carefull if lighting condition has
changed or not, unless I will get completely black or white images.

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