D300 versus 20D continued analysis

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thank you as well


jp wrote:

Whatever I do there are people who will say why did you expose for
this, and why didn't you expose for that.

True, I was only mentioning it, it was not meant as a criticism at all

I used an accurate exposure
for the scene I intended to photograph and show the fall colors and
contrast, based on what I know about histograms and both cameras had
the same exposure, why would I force D300 to blow up?

I only mean, if you would expose on both cameras to just the point of
saturation, the difference would again become smaller.
On the indoor scene for example, you have allowed the 20D to blow
clearly more highlights than the D300. If you would allow the D300
the same amount of blown highlights, the image would become brigter
and noise would have been less. Again, not criticizing your
ablilities, just saying that in order to compare noise in certain
circumstances, you may want to take into account several factors.

I didn't have
the 40D so I wouldn't know what the reading on that camera would be.

I meant 20D, it was a typo

BTW: I still agree with you that noise on the canons from 20D till
40D is still slightly lower than on the D300. But the difference may
just be less than what your examples illustrate.

Thanks for all your work and effort
much appreciated.

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