D300 versus 20D continued analysis

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Arash: I do not agree on "per pixel sharpness" at all

I do not agree with your "per pixel sharpness" argument at all

Look for example at the details on the rainpipe: the mounting screws and the bending folds are almost invisible on the 20S pctures.

I do agree with the noise difference, that was also my observation.

But better hve some noise in the shadows than blown highlights of important image parts.

If you expose for the same brightness of your pictures, taking into account that the ISO values of the D300 are around 1/3 stop too optimistic , you will see that the noise advantage of the 40D becomes smalller.

If you would expose both pictures for the highlights then the overal picture of the D300 would be brighter than that on the 20D however, but noise would again become less and on par between both cameras after resizing.

I agree that nikon does not beat canon in noise, the more ore less closed the gap but they did not take the lead.

That said, noise is one thing but as you said yourself, there is more to it than only noise to evaluate the quality of a DSLR.

BTW: did you try the 3D tracking with CF-A1 set to focus priority?

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