D80 Overexposure

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D80 Overexposure

Steven Crow wrote:

After searching for this subject, I have not found a solution for D80
overexposure. Has Nikon dealt with this, or does anyone have a

Retailer in Dallas said he's never heard of this problem.

I had no similar problems with D70.

Not again. It must be all of two days since this subject was last beaten to death! I get tired of typing the same thing over and over again. The only overexposure is the subject.

I cannot believe that the search engine on this site would not unearth many many threads saying exactly what you are reading here.

There is nothing wrong with the D80 matrix metering . Like all DSLR cameras it takes time to learn how to use the tool. Anyone that does not want to be bothered should buy a P & S.

Ken Rockwell has done massive damage with his advice on D80 shooting (-0.7 EV). Remember he lives in SUNNY California. His advice shows the shallowness of his "expertise". (I cannot believe that he has not revisited and amended that advice. Too busy churning out other superficial observations presumably) Indoors and in average light the D80 exposes perfectly provided you keep a mind to what is under your active focus sensor. Watch the light under your active focus sensor. That is the key. Deep black or bright white under your active focus sensor will strongly influence the exposure setting. Maybe that is what you would want (Which is why the cam is set up that way).

I repeat in case anyone has not got it yet - with matrix metering watch the light under your active focus sensor. That is the key.

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