D300 versus 20D continued analysis

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Re: so the canon had absolutely no NR applied?

It looks plastic because there is little noise, but it is not the water-color looking from NR, usually NR causes images to look like water color painting...

exposure is the same for both, canon sensor is a bit more sensitive than Nikon, (in 40D the sensitivity is turned down to be standard like Nikon) but then leaves and everything in the highlights is blown up in the canon shot, Nikon exposure is accurate, it kept all of my highlights, if you look at the histogram you will find out that nikon shot is by all means well balances in such a high DR scene.

Snappie Pants wrote:

No NR on the canon? Nor in the canon raw converter thing? I ask
because the canon looks a bit plastic.

Further, the wall in the canon looks properly exposed. The wall in
the Nikon photo looks a bit dark.

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