D300 versus 20D continued analysis

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Re: let us see the RAW files

You are welcomed to play with the RAW file, however I was running a comparisson not trying to get the best possible picture out of the D300 with NR, then I could equally clean up 20D image and have even a cleaner file. Of course with NR things change and that is what people are seeing,

Now regarding NR, I would actually leave it off at capture and try neat image, try this and you get better results and it runs faster than capture too. also NR faster versus high quality didn't seem to make a difference so just use faster. not sure what edge NR actually does?


Snappie Pants wrote:

k - I hope you don't mind. I ran the file through a simple NR step
in Capture.

Adjusted the Noise Reduction properties for the NEF and then saved it
as 100.

Base Adjustments ~ Detail Adjustments ~ Noise Reduction

Set the Intensity to 29% and the Sharpness to 9.

Choose "Better Quality" method.

Also check the box for Edge Noise Reduction.

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