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Re: Learn how it works for different scenes....

Standard Arrowman disclaimer when he posts on one of his "hot button" subjects: This is a bit sharp, but I feel strongly about this subject. Please don't take it personally

AlvinL wrote:

you overlooked the fact that I was going with the camera's meter in
the viewfinder telling me that it is perfectly exposed.

And I ask again - what is wrong with the exposure?

Why use Manual mode at all, if all you're going to do is centre the needle?

I have a D80 and I'm a lil annoyed that everyone keeps saying that
the D80 overexposes, it doesn't.

Yes it does

Rubbish. I'm sorry, absolute rubbish.

I've taken close to 10,000 shots with a D80 and I've produced

  • Perfectly exposed skies with dark foreground subjects

  • Blown highlights on a brightly lit subject

  • Perfect exposures using Matrix metering on a bright, evenly lit day

  • Perfect exposures using Centre Weight on a flower against a black background

  • etc, you name it, I've shot it. There is in my experience absolutely no consistent "under" or "over" or whatever about the D80 meter. it is entirely down to my ability to judge the lighting and use the camera accordingly.

As I have said before, I had used the D80 for something like 6 months and 5,000 shots before I came to this forum and discovered there was a problem with the meter in my camera.

It just Exposes greatly for
whatever is under the focus point. If you just run a test between
Spot, Center and Matrix you will realise that it exposes just about
0.3 to 0.5 more or less than Spot.

You just contradicted yourself

No he didn't. It wasn't the clearest sentence in the world and I'm not exactly sure what he meant to say - but if he meant to say what I think he did, there's no contradiction at all.

just because some people criticize your "perfect" camera doesnt mean
that they should just leave and cry somewhere else. Stop being a nazi

Well I can't speak for the other poster, but for me this has nothing to do with trying to defend the D80 as being perfect. As I said in my other post, in response to the OP, this is about trying to protect beginners from misleading information.

There's probably a whole generation of beginner photographers out there with their D80 EV comp buttons superglued to -0.7 and wondering why half their shots are underexposed. We can only save some of them

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