D300 versus 20D continued analysis

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Re: more of your weird conclusions..

Devendra wrote:

we all know canon's digic does internal NR, and with Nikon it has
been known that it leaves it to the photographer.

now try this with NC for high ISO shots.

go the base adjustments-> raw adjustments-> color moire reduction-> and
select moire to low- and then show us the results

try to learn on how to use the system rather than draw conclusions
from pixel peeping out of the box results. you may not have the
flexibility with canons, but nikon provides you a lot.. to play with.

btw, try printing them in 20"x30" sizes or more too and see what
holds - your 8mp vs 12mp arguments will sounds pretty bad.

This is a typical response of somebody not being ably to look objectively at a different viewpoint and even worse, it is inaccurate!

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