D300 versus 20D continued analysis

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Re: D300 versus 20D continued analysis

Hmm, of course I can't read Arash's mind but I haven't noticed any bias in his statements. In fact, he says nice things about the colors produced by the D300 and I doubt he would have bought one if he had a preconceived notion that it is something to merely trash on these forums.

Using noise reduction on the D300 would bias the comparison, unless he also uses it on the 20D. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Apparently you prefer the biased comparisons.

KennyKB wrote:
And you think Arash is completely unbiased? What makes you so sure?
From his comments in this and the Canon forum, he gives me the
impression that he had a preconceived and biased opinion of the D300
and set out to prove it. My suggestion to test using D300 with low NR
and take stock of the IQ was ignored. Well, he had already found what
he was looking for so he stopped there.

natureman wrote:

Excellent point. No one wants to bite the hand that feeds them.
Everyone, no matter which camera gear they have (or may buy) should
realize that sites that take in advertising money are never going to
be totally unbiased.

I'm amazed at how many people are swayed by biased opinions and hype.
The only thing that really matters is credible, unbiased, testable,
repeatable facts.

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