D80 Overexposure

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Re: Learn how it works for different scenes....

darock wrote:

I checked your EXIF in Capture NX, and it says you were in Manual
Mode, so I kind of think it was Human error more than Camera Error.

you overlooked the fact that I was going with the camera's meter in the viewfinder telling me that it is perfectly exposed.

I have a D80 and I'm a lil annoyed that everyone keeps saying that
the D80 overexposes, it doesn't.

Yes it does

It just Exposes greatly for
whatever is under the focus point. If you just run a test between
Spot, Center and Matrix you will realise that it exposes just about
0.3 to 0.5 more or less than Spot.

You just contradicted yourself

You will notice it too..try it
and see, for yourself. Once you understand this. You will stop
whining about it overexposing, or if you want to continue whining,
find another forum to do it in.

just because some people criticize your "perfect" camera doesnt mean that they should just leave and cry somewhere else. Stop being a nazi


some people huh

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