FRUSTRATE with NX - Just got my D3 and used my D200 for today's gig.

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John Ricard Senior Member • Posts: 1,453
No, its not

Joe Federer wrote:

You can open multiple pictures (in variable sized thumbnails) in NX
browser and then select them and they open full-scale... Is this not
meeting your needs?

In Lightroom I can open HUNDREDS of image thumbnails at a time in a browser made for that purpose. I can then make multiple adjustments to one image and paste all or some of those adjustments into which ever files I please. It is a very fast way to process hundres of images from a concert or press event if you have to upload to a service like or something.

Best of all, after to decide on all the adjustments you want to make for the hundreds of files in the browser, you select, "Export" and the program creates new images with the adjustments made to those images. In the entire workflow there was never at time that you had to open and save each individual image. Instead you adjust them all and then save them in a batch mode where you can walk away from the computer or do some other task on the computer.

The program was DESIGNED to adjust hundreds of images quickly. NX was not.

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