D300 versus 20D continued analysis

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Re: did he try my technique? no..

Sorry, I haven't had time to try 3D AF with different cf, not that I have ignored it. I have to go back to work now, I will test focus and post results some time next week.


Devendra wrote:
did he try redoing his tests with AF/3D after several
recommendation.. no?

people like you and OP are just nuiscence and dead beats, that just
dance to canons beats while ignoring what people have to recommend
and suggest.

natureman wrote:
I suppose that picasaweb comparison might have some merit IF the
Canon images weren't so badly underexposed.

Arash's exposures are very closely matched.

sandy b wrote:

natureman wrote:

No, the best way to do this is as Arash did it. Compare both cameras
at their megapixel limits.

The 20D is not a 12mp camera and upsizing an image from it would put
it at an unreasonable disadvantage. If someone used your illogic, I
suppose it would also be fair to upsize an image from a $20 Walmart
camera to 12mp, so that it could be compared to an image from a D300?

Something to keep in mind about reviews around the internet: Many or
all of those sites take in advertising money from camera companies,
just like this site does. The same cannot be said for Arash's
comparison here. Sure, it's possible that he faked the pictures.
Sure, it's possible that he has a faulty camera and should have it
checked by Nikon service. Sure, he may have gotten a really good copy
of a 20D. But, at least his comparison is available for us all to see
and disect. He is also answering questions generously.

Some of you have posted here that your D300 tests or comparisons have
shown Arash's to be flawed. Funny thing is, none of you have posted
the visual results from your tests/comparisons, with all the relevant
data, but you expect us to just take your word for it? Who really are
the ones chasing ghosts?

Arash has shown what he found. The doubters are just saying what they
found. Show us the results of your tests/comparisons, and make sure
they are credible tests/comparisons. Credible evidence means
something. Hearsay means little or nothing.


kevm14 wrote:

natureman wrote:

Arash is comparing 100% crops. That means he's showing both cameras
at their limits. This is NOT unfair to the Nikon D300. If the D300
images have to be downsized to 8mp to look as good as the 20D
pictures, then the D300 is, in reality, an 8mp camera.

The best way to do this is to upsize the smaller images to match the
larger ones. In other words, upsize the 20D shots to 12MP. It
becomes a lot easier to check for detail, noise, etc.

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