D300 versus 20D continued analysis

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Re: Sorry

sandy b wrote:

You have claimed the D300 is erratic in hi speed focus, even when
shown proof.

Wrong, what I was talking about was 3D tracking of a car at 5mph, please read the post carefully. no high speed moving subject comment because I haven't tried.

There have been numerous raw shots better than yours,

I haven't seen that many 100% RAW files except for K.Y. Lee and Greg samples.

I haven't seen ANY 100% RAW files from Nikon Capture with NR=OFF. do you have any? Here are the links for some D300 RAW files if you like to download, these are not my samples, but if you download them open Nikon Capture, set NR=0 you can evaluate noise for yourself.


these are the only posted RAW files I know of.

but those people don't process raws better than you. You go to the
Canon forum and tell them to put their D300 plans on hold. A better
test than yours clearly shows the D300 at the very least on par with
the 40d. You are inflexible in the face of better shots than your of
even admitting that your methodology or even camera may be flawed.
BTW, AP is a highly respected magazine, and they rated the D300
clearly above the 40D in IQ.

I have never bought any magazine since I statred using the internet, I can not comment on the magazines.
I never admitted there is anything wrong with my D300 or 20D, both work perfect.

I do appreciate the effort you have made, and do not believe that you
have any agenda, you did purchase the camera.

Thank you, of course I did purcahse the camera, I don't get cameras and lenses for free.

Phils tests will tell much, unless you believe that his working for
amazon clouds his judjement as well.

Phil reviews are great, I'm sure he will have all sorts of comparissons....

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