D300 versus 20D continued analysis

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Re: Thanks Arash,just one more question...

Most likely there will be no difference from ISO 100-400. if you print larger than native 300 dpi size (which I wouldn't) at ISO 800-1600 then you might see larger grain/noise in nikon pics. over all, color for print will be more consistent for Nikon with no need for further processing/retouching though. If you shoot a small bird at ISO 400-800 and try to recover 1ev from under the wings that are in shadow, then that's a different story. a good example is this http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=5390959&size=lg

this was taken with 20D at ISO 800 RAW then pulled up by 1EV,( still has noise at this size) or this
which was at 400 and then +1EV.

I wouldn't do this with the D300.


carlos roncatti wrote:
Do you think that these differences regarding noise and sharpness
would be visible at what prints sizes?Thanks once more...

Arash Hazeghi wrote:
I never had the 5D, the Canon cameras I have tested are 20D/30D/40D
and MKII/MKIII. I have only used ACR and DPP and Capture One for
Canon, so I don't know about DxO. I tried taking similar shots with
the D200 and 20D in the past, open the pics in PS and use the color
match feature to match certain color from 20D shot to D200, it didn't
work because the hue shift between the cameras is non-linear. I
believe it is possible, if you spend hours behind the computer to
replicate Nikon colors but it would be a huge pain. Nikon capture
delivers these colors from NEF files without any adjustment, these
are camera's default setting for color/WB with no


carlos roncatti wrote:

Reading your affirmation:"Regarding PP and colors, for a long time I
have tried both in DPP and PS to make the Canon pictures look like
Nikon in terms of tone and color, this is not possible unfortunately,
the same way it is not possible to make nikon shots look what Phill
Askey calls "silky smooth, noise -free" Canon photos.... It's a
I wanna ask you if you think that its not possible to get this kind
of color and tone with the 5D(maybe with DXO's Filmpack) and if the
color and tone from jpegs(D300) can be easily achieved with the RAW
files converted(NC or Lightroom)...Thanks...

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