D300 versus 20D continued analysis

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Re: Very nice, thanks so much for the time put in.


I agree with that 100% crops should be examined, my main concern is why increase mega pixel and file size and take the toll on the computer while it is not benefitial in terms of detail or noise. After all Nikon D3 and D300 are both 12 mpixel cameras but the difference is really that $4000 in terms of IQ, even at low ISO samples I have seen.

Regarding meter, as I mentioned before, at the heart of each camera is its meter, you want a consistent and accuarte meter since DR is already low with digital and less tolorant of blow ups and sever under exposures.

Regarding PP and colors, for a long time I have tried both in DPP and PS to make the Canon pictures look like Nikon in terms of tone and color, this is not possible unfortunately, the same way it is not possible to make nikon shots look what Phill Askey calls "silky smooth, noise -free" Canon photos.... It's a compromise.


erichard wrote:

Very nice effort. Thanks very much. This is the type of stuff I've
been waiting for.

Looking at the shadows and the "grain", these two were pretty similar:

Trouble is, one is ISO 400 and the other ISO 800.

I think the pixel peeping arguement may be OK if you are doing quick
web shots or newspaper photos at small size, but if you are a pro or
advanced amateur looking for full artistic capabilies, and photos
that in the future may be sized quite large (note the increasing
size of LCD's/plasma's), then 100% views are quite relevant to the
discussion here.

I have seen some great ISO 800 and below photos from the D300, and
for many that will be enough. I've also played with the AF of the
40D, and it is quite fast, even in dim light. I'm hearing the D300
beats out the 40D there most of the time. I wish the 40D had the
ability to calibrate the lens focus. As for metering, on the above
photos, the leaves may not have been blown with the D300, but perhaps
that is not necessarily the subject of the photo. All depends what
you want in the middle dynamic range. Colors and tones can generally
be corrected in PP, and I've now heard two views on which has better
color tone.

The D300 would sure make it easier for me, less ebaying of my lenses,
etc. Maybe I'll wait for the coming 5d replacement, or a discounted
5d to resolve the price/performance issues.

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