D80 Overexposure

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Re: D80 Overexposure

If you have a concern with overexposure, I suggest you shoot RAW. You can recover an incredible amount of detail in subjects that appear completely blown out. I also have the D80 and it meters pretty similar to my old D50. I usually have the D80 set to -0.3 or -0.5 compensation if the scene is heavily backlit. I find -0.7 makes the images too underexposed in a lot of situations. Most of the time, the matrix metering does a good job of exposing for the subject that I am actually shooting. With RAW, it is actually more beneficial to overexpose an image a little bit and recover the highlights in post processing.

With ACR 4.2, there is a new recover tool which helps to recover any blown highlights. Setting down the exposure will also help to recapture blown highlights. The most effective method is playing with the sliders in the parametric tone curve to pull down the highlights and mid-range. It works extremely well. It seems like the sensor is still able to capture the details in the blown highlights that you can pull out in PP. If you constantly underexpose your pics by way of in camera compensation, what you risk is underexposed pics. If you PP these pics and turn up the exposure, you are gonna bring up a lot of noise and grain. So the so-called rule that underexposing your shots is better than overexposing is not true if you shoot RAW and do any PP.

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