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Compensation, Bracketing and Flicking

DezM wrote:

.....or you can use the compensation button and take several photos
to match what you're looking at in the scene. As Arrowman said, there
is no universal number of -0.07 to fix exposure.

I suppose it's a matter of personal style and preference. Since we're on the subject, I'll throw in my 2 cents.

I don't use the compensation button a lot. Probably this is partly because I don't often shoot lots of photos of similar (similarly lit etc) scenes in a session, which is (IMHO) what compensation is largely aimed at.

Where I have used it most, somewhat to my surprise, is with indoors/flash, like at an event (shooting people/groups/tables etc). Because I'm no expert with flash, I tend to take a few test shots to suss out how the flash/lighting is working (ceiling height, ambient light distance from subject to background, etc).

If it all adds up to overexposed faces, I dial in some negative EV. Etc. I did this in a serious way for the first time a couple of weeks back and the results were great. Next time I used the flash, in different conditions, there was no EV needed.

I know there are better ways of managing flash, but this works for me.

But back to "normal" use: as I said, I tend not to use EV comp a lot. Neither do I bracket. I find bracketing to be a bit "hit and hope" but more importantly, it's limiting.

I KNOW the scene is likely to need a little under (or over) exposure, I don't need to shoot "either side" to work this out.

My preference, when there's a need to "bracket", is to use Manual mode and fire off several shots with a flick of the command dial(s) between shots. That way I can select exactly which "brackets" I wish to use.

As I said, it's a matter of personal preference and also your subject matter / nature of the session. The only general advice I would offer to people is - don't just assume that bracketing, or EV comp, or any single method, is the "right" way to go. Learn to use them all, and pull them out of your toolkit as required. And you may find that you use one of them more than others.

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