D80 Overexposure

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Matrix vs Centre Weighted

rafzyh wrote:

Change Martix metering to Central weighted.
I don't use Matrix on D80 at all.

I agree that Centre Weighted is usually / often a more appropriate metering method - and it ssems a lot of people don't realise is, this was the "original and best" method used in film cameras, before the days of sensors and onboard computers and image databases.

Matrix is still better for some scenes, in fact I used Matrix almost exclusively for the first couple of months of owning my D80, with few problems, before I "remembered my roots"

You need to be cautious about "Use Centre Weighted" as universal advice just as for "dial in -0.7" but it does make more sense.

Another thing to remember - We all take (as a preference / style) different photos, of different subjects, under different conditions. Who knows, maybe "dial in -0.7" actually does work for some people - depending on what they shoot. The danger lies in selling this as some sort of universal solution.

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