D300 noise and Capture NX

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"Improvements" in 1.3

JasonOdell wrote:

IN 1.3, WB has moved to "RAW Adjustments" under Base Adjustments.
The Camera Adjustments on the left has been removed. Those functions
can be found in Base Adjustments under Picture Control.

I find that a retrograde step. I suspect that has been done to discourage use of those steps.

I notice that you can now interlineate new steps if you forgot to do them in the right order with 1.3. Anybody spotted any other hidden inmprovements?

1.3 seems much slower than 1.2. I know that it keeps the whole image in memory and remaps changes rather than saving layers but the slowness is becoming a nuisance. (I am on a 2.8 Mhz P4 with 2GB of RAM but do not want to upgrade to a new PC and Vista and everything else I do works fine on this PC)

Part of the problem I suspect is keeping backward compatibility with Capture. That is certainly responsible in part for the messy interface!

A final comment. It is really very difficult to know where to look for comments on NX on this site. I have done a few searches and come up with very liittle. Comments are split across three Nikon forums plus Retouching. Is there enough discussion going on here to warrant a separate forum for NX? Any suggestions as to where else to look?

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