D80 Overexposure

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You are being seriously misled and Dallas Retailer is right

Steven Crow wrote:

OK, I’ll apologise in advance - this post is a bit sarcastic and rude. I do not direct that sarcasm and rudeness at you personally, but at the attitudes and misinformation out there on the net that seem to have led you in the wrong direction. Please don’t take offence...

After searching for this subject, I have not found a solution for D80


Learn about exposure and metering. Understand that no system, especially a matrix/average system, can read your mind or get every scene right under all conditions.

Understand that there is no such thing as “D80 overexposure”. There is such a thing as “the D80 meter behaves slightly differently from some other Nikon DSLRs in terms of the weight it gives to highlights etc)".

This in turn has led some people, for whom the D80 was the second camera they've ever used, to believe that (whatever camera they used before) was the one that gave "correct" exposure.

It also helps if you take the camera out of Auto/P mode now and then, and take some responsibility for exposure.

Has Nikon dealt with this, or does anyone have a

Retailer in Dallas said he's never heard of this problem.

That’s possibly because he’s never visited this forum. : ) I didn’t know there was a “problem” myself until I came here. Silly me, I spent all my time refining my skills instead of wondering whether the equipment was at fault.

I had no similar problems with D70.

No, apparently the D70 is different. I’m sure a D80 user would have to adjust to using a D70. Etc.

Steven Crow wrote:

Thanks......I will try that. [exposure comp -0.7]
If not all of the shots are overexposed, will this be problematic
with the shots that would have otherwise been OK?

Just think that one through for a minute.

What do you think?!?!

This “just dial in -0.7” is ridiculous. It would only work if the camera consistently overexposed every shot, under all conditions, to the same extent. It does not.

You use exposure compensation to suit the conditions, where your judgement (and test shots) tell you that this will produce the right result under the particular conditions.

Frankly anyone who thinks that “-0.7” is some sort of universal solution to a “problem with overexposure” is exposing just how little they understand cameras and metering.

If I had dialled in -0.7 from the day I started using my D80, about 80% of my shots would have been underexposed.

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