D80 Overexposure

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Re: Learn how it works for different scenes....

Learn how the camera exposes certain scenes. Then you will know when to dial in -ve exposure comp.

Take a test shot if you can first.

I believe the D80 is similar to the D40 exposure wise. Most scenes it meters very well. In contrasty scenes (consisting of bright sunlight and shadows) the cam tends to expose more for the shadows. Particulaly when the shadows are near the center of the pic ( or under the active AF sensor).

It's not faulty...Its just exposing for what it THINKS you are trying to take the picture of. Its clever but it can't read your mind

Canon seem to take the opposite approuch to Nikon. The Xti protects the highlights at all cost (they complain about underexposure over there). So you take a picture with someone sitting in the shade of the tree and the Nikon will expose for that person (the highlights will be blown but hey). The Canon will probably underexpose the scene trying to protect the highlights (so the sky will be good but the person is sitting in the dark). The trouble begins when the person sitting under the tree is not your subject...well it can't read your mind....

Cheers Darin

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