D3 sensor efficiency

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Re: D3 sensor efficiency

Bill Janes wrote:

DuncanM1 wrote:

You forget that the D3 has a base ISO of 200, versus 100 for the
D40X. At ISO200, the D40X Well has about 27000, electrons or less
than 1/2 of the D3. I measured multiple data points that were well
away from saturation. The D40X full well size is proportionately the
same as a 40D. I have confidence in my results since they are
validated by the IR DR data, that I listed above, but I will attempt
to refine them in due course.

The ISO at which the full well capacity is reached is a measure of
the sensitivity of the sensor to light, but the full well is the full
well, regardless of ISO. Pending verification of your data, I am
skeptical of your measurement. If anyone else has data on the D40x,
please post it.

I don't think we know full well for the D3 yet. Emil has calculated the capacity that corresponds to the max ADU value at base ISO, but I think full well is higher, reachable at an ISO slightly lower than 200.

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