D3 sensor efficiency

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Re: D3 sensor efficiency

Yes, it does mean that. Image quality is determined by two primary factors:

Signal - photons converted to electrons, that you want


Noise - electrons that you don't want.

and the ratio between these two sources of electrons determines the image quality, the "signal to noise ratio".

The D3 collects many more photons and turns them into electrons very efficiently, more efficiently, apparently, than any other DSLR, to date. It will produce images with deeper range and colour fidelity than any other DSLR, (and published samples confirm this, it seems) because it collects more photons with which to 'sample' the image and reproduce it accurately. Hopefully the D3 will reverse the trend towards smaller and smaller pixels, and lead a renaissance towards better IQ over "megapixels".

nickram wrote:

Um, simple question here, looking for simple answer. Does all this
mean the D3 can make more beautiful and more realistic pictures than
any other slr 35mm digital type camera? More, as in "noticeable",
for example, compared to optimal D2X?

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