Canon is REPLACING Mark IIIs for news agecies

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Re: Canon is REPLACING Mark IIIs for news agecies

A friend of mine who works for FairFax, a big newspaper publisher and media owner here in Australia, tells me that Canon's main market for the 1 series are to news agencies. I am told that News agencies in Europe for instance buy their cameras in big batches only TWICE a year (mainly).

So in order not to loose that market and not let Nikon have an opportunity to get in, Canon puts the 1D3 up for sale while mentioning that there's a 'minor' or 'known' issue with the AF AND that it will be fixed via firmware. And at Osaka, they keep trying different firmware effectively using photogs as their beta testers. While behind the scenes they are working overtime to come up with the real fix - a Hardware fix.

In most countries there are laws against selling good which are "not fit for use". And the 1D3 with AF problems clearly fits this criteria, considering that its a pro sports camera and accurate AF performance is critical.

Then when the fix is announced, low and behold, its not a firmware fix but a hardware one. Then Canon goes one step further and says that they will be repairing the cameras for free (we're supposed to be grateful here) BUT they will not be replacing them. And judging from the serial numbers released by Canon it seems pretty much ALL the cameras manufactured are SUSPECT. About 45,000 cameras in all. But they are also saying send it in only if you think its faulty. In other words, Canon doesn't really know if a particular camera is faulty or not. Or they don't really care. Fewer cameras repairs is better for them.

So Canon has effectively been selling a product known to be defective just because it doesn't want to loose that market buying cycle to Nikon, which incidentally seems to have fully functioning new or soon to be released D300 and D3.

NOW, it seems that the big news agencies who bought all those Canon bodies is really making its presence felt and Canon is giving in. BUT they are only replacing cameras for their biggest customers who have the clout to really hurt Canon camera sales by moving to Nikon or threatening to do so.

Again, Canon plays the information game (or lack thereof) and shafts its non-corporate customers. Why? because they don't have the clout to complain.

Any manufacturer in the Car or PC industry who tries to do what Canon has been doing will be be hit by Class Action Law Suites. And with the laid back response of most individual 1D3 owners about the proposed fix and replace policy, it seems Canon thinks it can get away with it.

They probably will. Well done Canon.


Phil Tower wrote:

Needless to say, I'm not a news agency - just a consumer who has
spent big bucks with Canon and (as with most other MK III owners)
who, in my not-so-humble opinion, has not been treated very well by

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