Canon is REPLACING Mark IIIs for news agecies

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What you must remember is the camera is aimed at photo journalists. Yes lots of "Amateurs" own the camera and will own one. When you start to talk about news agencies each employee with have 2-4 of these bodies. Check out an agency like Getty with thousands of togs globally, multiply that by 2 to 4 times (maybe more) and you have a serious customer!

Now multiply that out around all the big agencies globally, then local / smaller use i.e. regional image agencies, then in house togs for local and national papers. Then factor in all the freelancers etc all having 2-4 bodies and it's a hell of a lot.

What you may find is there are more "Amateur" users of the camera, but due to the number of bodies photo journalists have then the professional market is probably significantly larger in terms of the number of bodies.

Just my thoughts, not based on anything other than observing professionals from large agencies sat next to me on the touchline each week.

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